About us

The company was established in 2010 as a continuation of the KM Tronik s.c. Marek Ślusarczyk, Kazimierz Bielewicz.

We have acquired rich experience in automation and robotics. We create wide spectrum of machines, from those simple ones to complete technological lines. The company employs highly trained professionals with a thorough knowledge acquired over many years. This gives us versatile capabilities and possibility of a dynamic growth. The company is present in concrete manufacturing industry and heating industry (creating monitoring systems). KM also offers services in industrial automation, based on devices and software of the most renowned manufacturers and offering our knowledge and experience for their selection.

The most important area of our activities are:


We specialize in machines used in production of a concrete elements.

The company designs, produces and starts:

  • All elements of production lines, such as vibrating tables, conveyor belts, roller conveyors, palletized products layer separators, top pushers, splitters, aggregate scales, dosing machines of fluidic improving additives and pigments, powdered pigment mixers, colour-mix systems etc
  • Complete production lines and technological sequences:
    • standard technological lines with full production top circulation: receipt of wet elements, stacking, transport to storage area, maturing process control, transport from storage area, pelletizing and packaging/stretch wrapping
    • technological lines for XL size concrete elements, such as: road slabs, jomb slabs, concrete fences’ elements and acoustic screens
    • lines for ageing concrete elements in terms of chipping concrete blocks, polishing or knocking of demanded edges

The machines are prepared for an individual client’s order.

We offer a complex service – from a design through preparation. assembly and a start-up.

The machines we design are made to allow fully automatic working condition, maintaining safety standards, all according to up-to-date regulations, EU requirements (2006/42/WE Machinery Directive) as well as relevant ISO mechanical standards.


We cooperate with the biggest distributors of palletizing robots in Poland, providing services in areas of:

  • installation and programming of prepared palletizing robots
  • designing and construction, according to client’s expectations, of suitable graspers with equipment mounted on the robot’s arm


We have gained years-long experience in working on industrial sites; we carry out partial or full production process automation, according to current safety standards.

We have been:

  • starting-up new and renovating worn out or damaged production lines and concrete mixing plants
  • exchanging and modernizing control systems in existing devices and machines
  • installing security systems and safety devices , such as light curtains, systems forbidding unauthorized machine start, safety barriers, shields, safety nets
  • creating monitoring systems and technological process visualizations
  • installing sensors measuring aggregate humidity and concrete mixers

In addition, we provide full training of the crew in terms of operating the newly installed machines and software, as well as training materials and manuals.


We produce:

  • control systems for production lines, concrete mixing plants and other industrial objects
  • power and control cabinets, operating desks with installation in client’s desired location
  • modernization works

We use the devices from the most renown manufacturers of electronic equipment. Our solutions are used by the largest Polish companies manufacturing sett and concrete elements.


If desired by our customer, we provide machinery start-up and service and/or repair services – both in mechanics and automatics/software.

KM Sp. z o.o. team is ready to provide you with support in any situation.