Distribution of humidity probes HYDRONIX

Hydronix is world’s leading manufacturer of digital microwave humidity sensors. The company established in 1982 in Great Britain has installed over 65000 sensors in wide range of industries, in over 70 countries.

Hydronix humidity sensors were first designed for concrete production and processing of aggregates. Now they are used in other branches of industry, where humidity levels are crucial for the consistency and quality of manufactured goods, e.g. animal feed, grains, biomass and other organic materials. Microwave probes are also installed in mixers, gutters, conveyers and containers, or are designed as an integral part of a system. Hydronix sensors are known for their accuracy and reliability.

Hydronix has a worldwide net of local dealers, our company being one of them. KM Sp. z o.o. is authorized importer and dealer of microwave humidity sensors. We have gladly advised in the selection of the probes and have imported them for our customers for many years.

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